White Star Laundry

At the turn of the 20th Century, many Des Moines residents sent their laundry out be laundered by others. White Star Laundry was one such company. It was owned by J.O. Anderson and operated out of the East Side of Des Moines. Anderson expanded his business in 1923 by purchasing a property next door from Gilchrist Lumber Company. After the purchase, the property settled on 212-218 Grand Avenue. At this time, machinery was purchased to double the production capacity at a cost of $50,000. Part of the expansion project was to allow customers various wash packages, such as wash only, wash and dry, and the option of ironing.

In 1984 White Star Laundry relocated to 500 SE 18th Street, and in 1995 it changed its name to White Star Textile Services. It ceased operation later that year.